2019 (upcoming) Thompson Landry Gallery, spring exhibition with Virginie Bocaert,Toronto

2018/ Galerie Blanche, Montreal

2014 A la dérive/Drifting, St-Dizier Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2014 Into the Bloo, Bloo lagoon Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

2013 Dojo, Eklund Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2013 Délégation Générale du Québec, London

2011 Fossil"s soul, Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto
2010 The time allegory, Art center, Frelighsburg
2009 Murs et murmures/Waves and whispers, SAS gallery, Montreal
2008 Walls and whispers, Hotel W, Montreal
2007 Passage sur mer/Sea journey, SAS gallery, Montreal
2005 Passage, SAS gallery, Montreal


2018/ Galerie Blanche, Montreal

2017/ Permanent artist, Galerie Blanche, Montreal

2017/Permanent artist, the doorway gallery, Dublin

2016 12 Trees/good for the earth, Gardiner museum, Toronto

2014/2017 Permanent artist Envie d'art gallery, Paris, London

2010/2017 Permanent artist Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto

2011/2017 Permanent artist, St-Dizier Gallery, Montreal

2015/2018 Art auction for MU-Transform Montreal into an open air Museum

2013-2017 Permanent Artist Michel Bigue Gallery, Saint-Sauveur, Canada

2013-2016 Permanent artist, EKLUND Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2013-2016 AAF, Arteria Gallery, Singapour, Hong Kong

2012-2017 AAF, Arteria Gallery, London, Scotland

2012-2016 AAF, Arteria Gallery, Seattle, New-York, Los Angeles, 

2012-2014 Aqua Miami, Arteria Gallery, Miami, USA

2014 Fine Art Fair Houston, Arteria Gallery, Houston, USA

2013 Art Basel, Modern and Contemporary Shows, Basel, Switzerland

2013  Voix Maritime, Federal Art center, Magog, Canada
2013-2018  Art Sutton gallery, Sutton, Qc, Canada

2011  Toronto international art fair, Galerie Saint Dizier, Toronto
2010  L’anti-sublime, Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal, Canada
2009/2011 OMPAC, Art auction for breast cancer, Bain Mathieu, Montreal
2009 Art Souterrain, Montreal High lights festival white night, SAS gallery, Montreal

2008 Small is beautiful, Montreal High lights festival, SAS gallery, Montreal
          Q1608, Espace d’art la voûte, Fonderie Darling
          Red cross art auction, Magog
2007 Art auction for accueil Bonneau, oeuvres St-Jacques, Montreal
          Red cross art auction, Magog

          Montreal High lights festival White Night, SAS gallery, Montreal.
2006 Black theater, Galerie du Mai, Montreal
          Art auction, Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont fondation, Society for arts
and tech​nology.
2005 Maisonneuve magazine -Not just- Art event, Society for arts and technology,  Mon​treal.
          Montreal High lights festival, SAS gallery, Montreal
          Microcosmos art auction, Montreal
2004 Cinco, painting in direct, 1234 de la Montagne




2017-2018  Mexico on the road- Creating and researching 

2016-2017 "Une famille un, vr...Boondocking" TV travel show, 11 episodes 43 minutes each , Canal evasion

2014-2015 Artist residency, Bloo lagoon gallery, Bali Indonesia
2008-2004 Cirque du Soleil Tokyo, Thailand, Las Vegas & Montréal.

2006 Cirque Eloize, Montréal & Turkey.
2006 Moment Factory, Dubaï.


Smart Centers, Bois Montpetit, Comptables agréés, RSM Richter,

Louis Pelletier, Loto Québec Museum's curator private collection

2001 Certificate in visual arts, UQAM, Montreal, Qc, Canada
2000 College diploma in visual arts, Collège St-Laurent, Montreal, Qc, Canada

Amelie Desjardins is a visual artist inspired by the sea and it’s surroundings. Her body of work reflects an ephemeral femininity through contrasts between soft subjects and strong textures. Her works convey a poetic time line composed by fragmented episodes of the life of different elements. Time is expressed through elements and textures with their own storytelling. Recycled wood aged by the sea serves as a symbol of cycles and purposes. Birds tell a story of tides, of life movements and their trace in static elements. The materials glimpse human intervention including the artist’s, a figurative recognition of the natural cycles and their interaction with human beings.

©2013 Amélie Desjardins All Rights Reserved.